Friday, February 4, 2011

::Shakes Head In Disgust::

Well, I have once again been forced to do something I swore I would never, EVER do.

This ranks right up there with "I will never be caught dead wearing Crocs" and "Shoot me dead if you EVER see me in skinny jeans."

Do you see that?

Those are winter boots.


In winter boots.


The woman who through 90% of her pregnancy, in the winter, in CNY, wore heels


The woman that told my husband he had a better chance of meeting God than seeing me in a pair of winter boots {unless they were cute and had a heel.}

And you know what's worse?

I've broken TWO of my "I will never..." statements.

Because not only are they winter boots.

Oh no, they are also {fake} Uggs.

Fake. Freakin'. Ugly. Uggs.

Snowpocolypse forced my hand, what can I say?

And I own skinny jeans too.

::head explodes::


Gina said...

LOL - I have fake Uggs (from Target!). They are comfy and warm, so I caved!

pinkflipflops said...

yeah, as my mom always says, the older you are, the less you care about fashion and the more you care about being comfortable. i have totally rocked my fake uggs since december. like every day. i think i shall go from uggs to flip flops.

Serena said...

I bet you look HAWT in those skinny jeans.

May said...

Lol i kinda never walk in heals (: