Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Eat Like A Toddler

Today I'm sitting at my desk eating my lunch.

No particular reason really...ok, I'm sick and I really don't have the energy to sit in the little "lunch room" and make conversation with anyone...a situation compounded by the fact that they decided to test the fire alarm system {for an HOUR} today...and then for kicks threw on the strobe lights. My sinus headache thanks you, building security.

So while I'm sitting at my desk I realize 1) that I haven't written anything in a REALLY long time; and 2) my lunch could easily pass for a 2 year olds.

Really Jess? Fruit snacks? You're {almost} 30.

There was also a fruit cup. That I stole from Keagan's cupboard {yeah, he has his own cupboard.}

Has it come to this? Will I forever be digging through my kids snack drawer in the hopes of rekindling some lost piece of my youth? What's next...PopTarts? {mmmmmmm.....chocolate PopTarts....}

As you can probably tell from this rambling, I've also fallen off the "Get Jess in Shape" wagon.

And it ran me over.

Then backed over again just to make sure I had no feasible chance of getting on again.

So essentially what this all boils down to is a slap in the face that I need to look fantastic in a bathing suit in no less than 5 months. And fruit snacks aren't gonna cut it any more.

But maybe I will pick up that box of PopTarts this weekend.


Eschelle said...

they have this amazing flavour now "strawberry milkshake" it is AMAZING!! lol

Unpolished Parenting said...

It's a good thing we keep Beaner's snack stash full because I'm always stealing things - applesauce cups, goldfish, etc. You will not be judged here :)