Let's Work Together

Welcome to Taking It One Step At A Time!

I am a full-time mom, full-time wife and full-time employee. While I may seem to be *too* full-time to fit anything else in, you may be surprised. I am always open to reviewing your products on my blog. The main base of my readers consist of other mothers (and busy mothers at that) so I am particularly interested in performing reviews for products, books and services that will *hopefully* make their life just a little less hectic, a little more fashionable and a lot more fun.
I’m especially interested in working with companies that are up and coming (and I have a special soft spot for Etsy shops). Getting the opportunity to not only review amazing products, but also to give exposure to those that are just getting their feet wet would be ideal.
By performing a review and giveaway on Taking It One Step At A Time I’m not only able to get your product viewed by my readers, but you’ll also give my readers the opportunity to win a product that may be beneficial in their lives or that of their children. Hosting a giveaway gets more readers involved, and in turn allows your company to gain more customers. It's good for my blog and good for your company!

It goes without saying, in order to perform a review I would need to be provided with your product prior to posting so that I am able to give my honest opinion about my experience with the product. If I feel I cannot give a positive review on your product I will contact you before posting. I will only give my honest opinion to my readers!

If you would like to see your product featured in our monthly review and giveaway that relates to my blog and my readers please contact me at TakingItOneStep at gmail dot com.

I look forward to working with you!