Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guest Post ~ Wombat Central with Postcards from Oblivion

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My next guest blogger is the hilarious Mrs. Wombat from Postcards from Oblivion here to share her insights on sharing with your spouse or significant other. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Go check her out and give her some comment love!


What’s Mine is Not Always Yours

I don’t watch a lot of daytime TV, but I do try to catch the Dr. Oz Show when I can. I think he’s brilliant. Apparently a lot of ladies also find him very attractive. He’s like the Elvis of medicine. The female audience members are giddy as little girls when they’re chosen to be his lab coat-clad assistants. They hang on the poor guy. They kiss him. They get all doe-eyed as they profess their love for him. The ones that didn’t get picked to go on stage are practically sliding off their seats looking as if they’re ready to fling a big ol’ pair of Hanes Her Way in his general direction. Ladies, you’re embarrassing all of us.

Anyway, since germs are kinda my boogeyman, I watched a recent episode with great interest. He was talking about things your mate does that can make you sick. More specifically, sharing things that can make you sick. When I think of couples sharing things, I always think about the time Diane Sawyer casually mentioned that she often wears her husband’s tighty whities. Not an image I want to have burned into my cerebrum for all of eternity, but there it is.

One woman on this episode admitted to sharing her husband’s bath towel.

Really? You don’t have a towel rack in your bathroom that will accommodate two towels? Isn’t that a pretty standard size rack? I mean, I’m not always on top of my laundering duties, but I’d use my Girly’s Ariel beach towel before I’d share Mr. Wombat’s towel. I know, I know—we’re clean when we exit the shower, but there’s still that lingering thought of what… exactly was dried with which end or side of that towel. I guess it’s the Monk in me, but I know where my towel’s been. The tag side is the butt side. Was that TMI? Well, I know I’m not the only one whose brain goes there, because I’ve had this discussion with someone before. Further proof that I’m not alone:

Good news for your face—they even make separate soaps!

This same lady also admitted to sharing her husband’s toothbrush (I’m not sure he knew). I think I even heard her mutter something about having only ONE TOOTHBRUSH. I’mma donate a toothbrush to your cause, lady, because that’s just gross. Now, I know we swap spit with our mates and all, but we typically don’t go rooting around for broccoli remnants in there.

Like your toothbrush does.

Thanks, I’ll just squeeze some Colgate Complete on my finger when I’m sans brush. Or if I need some texture for extra cleaning, I might just use a corner of my towel.

But at least I’ll know which end to use.


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