Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mama Kat Writers Workshop - July 29th

Describe a memorable camping trip.

This weeks prompt brought back some of the most fun memories I have with Randy. WAY back in 2008 we took our first Camping Trip with our friends Ray and Kristen (and our first borns).

The four of us spent two days in the most beautiful weather and stunning scenery you could ever imagine.

We set up camp and spent hours hiking (yes, me...hiking...not in stilettos either for a change). We explored the woods. We walked through the amazing gorge that had ridiculously gorgeous mini-falls everywhere.

But it wasn't the view or the hiking or the subsequent wine by the fire that made this trip so memorable.

This was our last trip before we found out I was pregnant.

Just a short month later we realized that our family was growing.

During this weekend Randy and I were given a gift of being together, laughing together, bonding together and having the time of our lives together. We were given the opportunity (unbeknownst to us) to share a special alone time that over the coming months and years we would never have again.

So yes, while we had a fantastic time with out friends on this camping trip, looking back I see now that it was the close of one chapter in our lives and the start of another. A chapter filled with more laughter, more tears, more happiness than we could have ever imagined.

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Holly said...

Visiting from mama kats writers workshop.
What a great camping trip! I would love to go camping and take my dogs! The pictures looked beautiful.

Kristen T. said...

Gorgeous! And it looks like the dogs had so much fun, too!

Anonymous said...