Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Things Like This That Make Me Smile

A few days ago I was stalking perusing Facebook land when I came across a status update from a girl I was friends with in high school {she also coincidentally lives down the street from me, but that's a whole other story}.

She was thanking those that had helped her recently collect gently used formal gowns that she would be bringing down to North Carolina in a few days.  These gowns are intended for girls ages 13 - 21 that are patients at  Levine Children's Hospital.  These gowns are intended for children that are sick.  These gowns are intended for those that may never be able to attend a "real" prom.

Instantly I wanted to know more information.  My friend shared with me The Sandbox, an organization focused on serving the individuals and families that are facing challenging circumstances and obstacles in their lives, both emotionally and financially due to terminal disease and/or circumstance.  One of their current projects was that of The 1st Annual Evening of Stars - a Prom for the children who are patients at Levine Children's Hospital.

So I went downstairs and dragged out my prom dress.  I dragged out my bridesmaid dresses.  I dragged out everything and anything that could possibly make a young girl feel the thrill that is slipping into her first prom dress and feel like a princess.

I had been holding on to these dresses out for the pure sentimental value of it.  I remember my Senior prom like it was yesterday.  I remember wearing that gorgeous blue ball gown in my dear friends wedding.  But I think I'm going to remember the thought of making a sick child feel beautiful a whole lot more.

Please check out The Sandbox to learn more about how you too can help.  I know I'll be looking in to more programs like this at our local Children's Hospital, and I urge you to as well.

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