Friday, October 22, 2010

Follow Friday - Alena from Charmingly Chandler

It's Friday again!! Woo hoo!

This week has been a whirlwind. I'm getting trained like whoa at the new job plus did you know the holidays are RIGHT around the corner? Seriously, how ridiculous it that?

This weeks featured Follow Friday Blogger is none other than the very charming Alena from Charmingly Chandler.

Alena was a lucky winner of a lia sophia giveaway I hosted awhile back and lo and behold she has this FANTASTIC blog and oh my, a darling little girl. It is a joy to read her blog and see how passionate she is about so many different things. Please do yourself a favor and check her out.


Who are you (name/blog/things we should know)?

I'm Alena, and I write the blog Charmingly Chandler!

What got you started blogging and what do you blog about?

I started blogging to keep our family up to date with Sophia. I wanted to be able to share pictures, but also tell stories with the pictures. With family so far away it was the best way I felt they could get to know her.

If you were another person would you be friends with you?

Absolutely. I haven't always felt that way, but in the past year I've grown and changed a lot. I think that it's all made me a better friend.

What is something that you've learned being part of the military life that has helped you to become a kick-ass mom?

Independence. Part of being a military wife is being ok standing on your own. Getting things done on your own. I think that "take charge" "you can do pretty much anything" attitude has really affected my parenting. I am more assertive with doctors and caretakers. I don't wait for things to do, I look for them. Maybe that's not all the military life...but I think it's definitely made a difference.

If you could go back to your 18 year old self and tell her anything, what would it be?

Whew, heavy. 18 was a good year. But I'd tell myself to guard my heart, not just in love but in friendship. And I guess that's a lesson I'm still learning today. Guard your heart.

Other than Taking It One Step at a Time, what are some of your favorite blogs?

Obviously Taking It One Step at a Time! But I also read about 80 or so other blogs, probably even more through twitter! The Paro Post, What the Blog, Mom-In-A-Million, Spilled Milk, Mom-Nom, Exploits of a Military Mama, oh so many. In fact it's hard to even list them all. We'd be here ALL.DAY.LONG!


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Alena @ Charmingly Chandler said...

I came b/c I was so excited so many people loved me...and then they didn't love me at all.

I love me.