Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Two Tuesday - Things I Want to Accomplish By 2011

Just typing 2011 blows my mind, can I just tell ya that? Seriously. 2011? What are we, in Back to the Future...not the first one and not the last one where they went to the freakin' Old West...so that would be the second one right? Right? Bueller? Man. Michael J. Fox was a cutie.

Did I seriously just say that?

Moving right along.

This week's Top Two Tuesday ties in quite nicely with a post I made a few months ago listing the Top Thirty things I would like to do before I turn 30. I was going to take the easy way out and say "hey, I'd like to go on vacation by the end of the year...oh wait, I leave in a week!" but thought that may be a bit *too* easy.

So here they are, my Top Two Things I Want to Accomplish By 2011:

1) Host a Brunch.

I know this sounds ridiculously easy, but you try to organize a handful of your closest friends, many whom have children, jobs, boyfriends, husbands, etc. and set a date that works for all of them all while doing the Toddler Olympics in your kitchen and Keagan don't touch that and Randy don't eat that all while making your house spotless and appearing to be the best.hostess.EVAH. {longest run-on sentence ever}

I'm in awe of those women that make entertaining seem like a breeze and then take pictures of it to rub it in my face.

Point in case? Annie's Eats. Seriously. Could this woman BE any more talented? And hello? This? Is her version of a Girls/Guys Night Out. I would kill to be able to throw a get together like that.

So, I'm going to try. I won't have salmon mousse bites or dulce de leche sandwich cookies...but I can guarantee a pitcher full of mimosas, and let's be honest with my friends that's all I'll need.

2) Visit the Ocean.

Yes, I did in fact say that I wasn't going to cop-out and use "go on vacation" knowing full well that I will be in Virginia in 2 weeks. But to be fair...I REALLY want to take Keagan to the ocean. I want to see my little bald man running in the sand, watching the waves crash on the beach and the seagulls flying overhead. Is it an easy one to do before 2011? Absolutely. And I can't wait.

So readers, what are two things YOU want to accomplish before 2011?


Gretchen said...

nice choices! I hope Keagan enjoys the ocean!

Ben and Emily said...

Hosting a brunch will be wonderful! I'm sure your friends will love it!