Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Two Tuesday - Favorite Things About Fall

Happy Tuesday loves. I hope you all (hopefully) had a fantastic long weekend. I know I did!

This week's Top Two Tuesday brought back so many wonderful memories. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I have to say, living in New York we are pretty lucky to get all four seasons (even if the coldest one also happens to be the longest). The colors, the smells, the holidays. I love it all. But here they are, my Top Two favorite things about fall.

1) There is nothing I enjoy {much} more than watching the leaves turn. Yes, I know that it is inevitably a sign of the winter to come. But how can you not enjoy this?

My husband's family lives up in the "mountains" and the view from the top of Vickerman Hill is just to die for. Orange, red, yellow...it's breathtaking.

2) Three words for you: Pumpkin. Spice. Latte.

There is something oddly satisfying about being able to drink a piece of pumpkin pie first thing in the morning. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to be stopping for one on my way in to work now. You know, to mark my first day of fall.

What are your Top Two Favorite Things About Fall?


Aimee @ Life As An Oakes said...

I wholeheartedly agree with both of your picks! I love driving through the mountains when the leaves change, or looking down on a valley full of amazing fall colors. Nature is sure one heck of an artist :)

Wombat Central said...

Love the leaves changing, too. Letworth State Park offers a spectacular display if you've never been.

My second is similar to yours, only colder. Pumpkin fro yo at Bruster's Ice Cream! Yum!