Monday, August 30, 2010

This Is What Passes For Seduction

This morning Randy opened up the freezer and immediately got bent out of shape because he couldn't find his frozen blueberries that he uses Every. Single. Morning.

R: You didn't get blueberries? ::huge sigh::

Me: Yes dear, I did.

R: Where are they?

Me: In that great big giant bag right there.

R: ::laughing:: Yeah, I don't think you got nearly enough ::voice dripping with sarcasm::

Me: Well, they were cheaper by the unit to buy the big bag rather than little bag.

R: ::setting aside his oatmeal:: ::grabs me in a hug:: Are you trying to seduce me talking about "unit price"? Because it's working.

I'm so lucky.


Al said...

Love this.

W said...

This is the best.EVER.

George said...

You have interesting posts. I will visit your blog.