Friday, May 7, 2010

He Makes Me Smile

Oftentimes I wonder if my husband is actually listening to me as I babble on about my "internet" friends, my new found love of Twitter, that AWESOME bracelet I got from lia sophia, this blog.

Never again will I wonder.

Last night on the way to Lowe's (because we're there pretty much every other day...but that is an entirely different blog) we were talking about how excited I was to have a half day today so I could get my Mother's Day shopping done, do some running around and hit the road early to see Gram.

He looks at me and says "Yeah, and you can get caught up on your blogging."

Just hearing him say "blogging" made me smile. He does listen. He obviously doesn't read it (because HELLO, I've been a blogging fool this week) but he does listen. That will suffice for now.


Here's some Keagan love this wonderful Friday.

Coincidentally that is EXACTLY how I plan on looking after my evening visit with Gram. And Sangria.


jCam said...

I love his chubby legs.

Rachel said...

Oh Jess he's getting SOOO big. Adorable pic. Sometimes, just sometimes our men surprise us and show us they're listening. Somtimes.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

LOL, jCam, I was going to say the exact same thing! So I will. I love his chubby legs!

Miranda said...

1. Yay for Randy for encouraging you to blog.