Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Baby is One

I'm the mom of a toddler.

You have no idea how bizzarre this feels. Me? A mom? To a toddler? I don't know why being the mom to a baby was so much easier for me to accept!

It's been probably one of the most amazing years of our lives and we owe most of it to this little guy.

Happy Birthday Keagan. We love you.


ginger said...

Happy Birthday Keagan. You are a very bright spot in our lives. we love you very much great grandpa and great grandma DiNitto xxxxooo

jCam said...

Happy Birthday K! These pics are adorable Jess. As if they could be anything else with him for a subject.

Al said...

K man! You're so grown up! Happy (belated) Birthday, pal. We're SO glad you're in the world! Now stay away from my daughter, you handsome devil.


thefirecat said...

Nope, not related to Randy at all, that one.

Not a bit.