Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Monday

Another week has come and gone. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Here is our Menu for this week:

Monday: Variation of JCam's Chicken Cups (My Version Below)

Tuesday: Sausage Tortellini Soup with Fresh Bread (I'm actually going to prep in the morning and let cook in the crock pot)

Wednesday: Maple Apple Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Veggie

Thursday: Balsamic Chicken with Angel Hair Pesto

Friday: Don't tell Randy, but we're ordering Pizza.


Jessica's Take on JCam's Chicken Cups

So...I made JCam's recipe and screwed it up royally. And I have no idea how. Let me tell ya though. They did NOT look like her wondrous Chicken Cups. Mine looked like congealed BBQ blob with a lot of undercooked dough.

But I gave it another try, with a spin. The results were fantastic.


2 chicken breasts, cooked and chopped
1/2 a medium onion, chopped
1 orange bell pepper, chopped
BBQ sauce (Enough to saute with and still have a bit left over)
1 can wheat biscuits
shredded mozzarella cheese (I've also used a mixture of shredded cheeses with equally good results.)

Saute peppers and onions, mix with chicken, and add BBQ sauce "until it looks like enough."

Press each biscuit into round cake pan (like you would if you were making Cinnamon Rolls).

Scoop chicken/pepper/onion mixture onto each biscuit, covering them all.

Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top.

Bake according to biscuit directions plus another 5 minutes (at least in my oven).

Simple and really easy. Enjoy.


jCam said...

HAHAHA I have no idea how you screwed them up! So the way you make them, is it just all the chicken on top of all of the biscuits, rather than cups?

~Jess said...

I have no idea either, but they were an epic failure.

And yes, just the chicken on top of all of the biscuits rather than in the cups. They don't look as pretty, but they are good!

jCam said...

After reading this I realized it had been a while since we had chicken cups so I made them Monday night. I used grands biscuits because they were on sale, and they came out gooey in the middle too. I ended up having to cook them for an extra 8 minutes. Did you use regular or grands?