Friday, January 29, 2010

Remember That Girl?

You know, the one that used to blog here.

Yes, you DO remember.

She would write about her baby, her crazy food cravings, the stupidity of drivers that don’t use turn signals.

Come on, you remember.

She was sometimes witty, often funny and more often than not at least made you smile a little bit.

I wonder what ever happened to her…

Oh that’s right. She had a baby and then stretched herself WAY too thin trying to be Super Woman. ::sigh::

Hello my faithful followers (though I noticed I just lost two “followers” ::tear::) It’s been awhile and I apologize.

I apologize that the most exciting thing I’ve had to even think about writing about has been that last night I was able to go pee without my son crawling in or my dog knocking the door open. Big excitement let me tell ya.

As noted above, I’ve stretched myself ridiculously thin (we’ve all done it) with all my pet projects (come on, why didn’t SOMEONE tell me I wasn’t going to make it 365 days of pictures when I can’t even keep up this blog…hmmmm?) my new “job” as a lia sophia consultant and oh right, my “real” job…and what else was I doing? That’s right, being a wonderful wife and rockin’ mother to an almost toddler (I'm in denial that this is true. Hold me.)

So what does that mean?

Well, for starters I am going to be re-vamping this blog in the coming week (hopefully weekend). I’m consolidating, cleaning up and moving on up. After that is done it is back in the saddle again, back on the bandwagon, giddy on up wee doggies.

The truth of the matter is I miss writing. Granted, I have no grand ideas that I will one day join the Mommy Blogger movement and be in the ranks of Dooce, Heir to Blair, etc. But you know what? My faithful 57 ….er….55 followers will do just fine.

So stay tuned.


Krista said...


Mrs. S said...

Welcome back my dear!

jCam said...

And as your most faithful stalker, I am excited to hear this! :-P