Friday, November 20, 2009

Roy G. Biv

Anyone else remember this?

This was the acronymn that was taught to us in, oh...4th grade(?)..that helped us remember the colors of the rainbow.








Roy G. Biv. I thought it was groundbreaking, the best piece of information ever given to me, something that I obviously still remember today.

So you can understand my outrage then, while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning to hear them advise watchers that those are not in fact the colors of the rainbow.

Hold up there, what?

That's right, you heard me. Disney is taking away my Roy G. Biv.

I'll admit, I still don't really know what color indigo actually is but COME ON. You're breaking down the greatest elementary school memory I have Disney.

So Disney, I take your puny red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple rainbow and raise you a Roy G. Biv. With a pot of gold at the end and a sun that wears sunglasses. Because that's what my fourth grade rainbow looks like and you can't take that away from me.


Rachel D said...

That's awful!! I totally organize my closet by Roy G Biv. They are not allowed to discount that. It's real. I didn't learn much in school but by God I learned my Roy G Biv!

Al said...

Welcome to the future. Disney owns everything. Just turn all your memories over to them now, to prevent them coming for you later.

jCam said...

lmao at a sun with sunglasses