Monday, September 14, 2009

Love Letter: Month Six

Dear Keagan,

A 1/2 of a year has gone by since you were born. 6 whole months (ok, 6 and a half because I fail at blogging and am just NOW getting to this...and that is only because you and Daddy are out on a walk so the house is silent and I have 15 minutes of unadulterated computer time. But I digress.)(and I've had this is draft form for three days now.)

What a big month for you. You're sitting up all by yourself like a champ. Seriously, you'll sit on your blanket for LONG time, just chilling. Baby Beethoven has been known to keep you enthralled for easily a 1/2 hour until you decide it's time to move.

Yeah, about that? Could you at very least attempt to NOT roll into the wood part of the ottoman? It hurts. Every time. And then you get stuck there. And then you cry. There is all that open space to the right of you, you'd think you would just roll the other way. But no. You must go left. ::headdesk::

You did fabulous at your Dr.'s appointment this month, even if he is a tool. Despite him stating that you were gaining too much weight (and totally ignoring the fact that you also grew a good 3 inches) you are on track in every way possible. Don't tell me my kid isn't perfect. It would be a lie. And hello? Your Daddy isn't exactly a munchkin so what does he expect?

We had lots of visitors at the house this month. Daddy turned 30 so we had a nice party. Which of course you were the star of. As usual you were an angel. So proud of you. Oh and you thoroughly enjoyed your first State Fair.

There is a lot going on in the next couple months and I'm so excited to show you things. Your first fall. Your first Halloween. Your first snow. Your first me telling Daddy to go snow blow the driveway. Your first Christmas. Lots of firsts. Lots more to come. It gets more and more exciting everyday.

Now if you could just get that first tooth to come through that would be great.

Big hugs and kisses,

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