Monday, May 11, 2009

Proof That I Am Monica*

*This is one of many Friends references in my life. Yes, I can quote all 10 seasons. Be afraid.

Randy asks me Friday night if I would like my Mother's Day present early so that I have it when we visit the family:

Me: No, that's ok...I think I know what it is anyway.

Him: Really? What do you think it is?

Me: I don't want to say, I just think I know.

Him: ::raises eyebrows:: No really, what do you think it is, because I defintely don't think you know.

Me: Oh no, I'm almost positive. I saw your search from ebay.

Him: Yeah, I definitely didn't get it off ebay. What do you think it is?

Me: Well, I saw that you searched label makers and you know I want that's what you got me!

Him: ::blank stare::

Him: ::laughing hysterically to the point of almost tears::

Him: I love you so much.

Me: ::confused look:: What? I'm right, right?

Him: You seriously thought I got you a label maker for your first Mother's Day?

Me: Well ya. I'd love one!

Him: Yeah, not so much. Do you want a set of pots and pans for your birthday too?

I didn't get a label maker. I did however get a lovely Pandora bracelet with Keagan's birthstone. He did good.

But I still want a label maker.

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Jessica Loves Trevor said...

LOL, it's okay, I'm Monica, too. I'm a cooking-obsessed, neurotic control freak. But that's okay. :)

Keagan is HUGE! And adorable, to boot.