Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Gram!

Yesterday was my Gram's Birthday. (See how I left out the age...a woman never tells. Let's just say, you wouldn't believe it if I told you!)

Gram has always been the one person that I could always count on be it for telling me to straighten up, giving fantastic hugs or sitting on the porch with our glasses filled with Lambrusco. In essence, she is the perfect Grandma.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I wish you have a great fun in future as well.


aa said...

I want to wish your grand mother Belated Happy Birthday. I wish you had a great fun in party.


Rachel D said...

Aw you guys are so cute. I'm glad you have a great Gram, you're a lucky girl. Remind her to spoil baby M! Smooches

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how much you two look alike.
You both look really happy in this shot.