Friday, July 18, 2008

Dairy Queen You're On Notice*

The other night while cuddling on Randy's chest, falling asleep to Law & Order and UFC (he was obviously flipping through channels thinking I was asleep, but I wasn't, despite the drool) when up on the screen pops this amazing, terrific, delectable looking creation from Dairy Queen.

The Blizzard of the Month.

The Girl Scouts Thin Mint Blizzard.

Chocolatey wafers of thin mint crumbles expertly mixed with zesty mint ice cream. Really, this is my heaven.

So I sit there drooling (not because I was asleep) and say to Randy, "I must have one."

The problem?

There isn't a Dairy Queen ANYWHERE to be found in the tri-county area. What kind of crap is that? KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE ADVERTISERS!

Now, I must sit and dream about this creation that I will never be mine.


*No, not all my posts will be about food. I promise.
**Should you find a way to get me my heaven I will be forever in your debt.
***Yes, I know I need to stop dreaming about junk food and eat a salad.
****And YES, I had Chinese for dinner tonight. And it ROCKED. What are YOU going to do about it?

1 comment:

thefirecat said...

Members of my family are not above mailing people ice cream in thermoses. It has happened.