Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time to Say Hello...

Today I am going to meet my friends.

These aren’t new friends.

These are old friends. 

The kind of friends that you giggle with over a glass of wine.  The kind of friends that you can vent to and celebrate with when it seems like no one else would even get why you are venting and celebrating to begin with.

And I’m meeting them for the first time today.

Today when I land in Atlanta to start four days of Celebrating, Encouraging and Rewarding at the Thirty-One Gifts 2012 National Conference I not only will be starting a journey that just a year ago I didn’t even imagine possible…but I’ll also be meeting one of the most amazing groups of women I have ever had the pleasure of sharing ideas with, pushing to be our very best and encouraging each other on a daily basis.

Today I am going to meet my friends, and I can hardly contain my excitement.