Monday, July 11, 2011

Prince - The Universal Symbol for Cool

Today I spent five and a half hours in a car with a co-worker whom I don't really know all that well other than the fact that he is from Brooklyn, is married and has children in their 20's.

Needless to say, I was worried.

What do you talk about for five and a half hours in a car with someone you barely know?  Heck, I have a hard time making conversation with Randy for the 45 minutes it takes us to get to Gram's house on the weekends!

But I digress.

We made it to Rochester until I turned on the ipod.  I'm not going to lie, I skipped over songs that I was, quite frankly, embarassed to have him hear.  I mean, come on.  NO ONE needs to see me rock out to The Thong Song.  No one. 

So there I am, skipping over songs {Glee soundtrack anyone?} when Prince's Kiss comes on. 

I'm mortified.  I mean, I love Prince.  Love.  Him.  But now HE is going to know I love Prince.  And can't you just hear the water cooler talk now?

I quickly go to skip over yet another song when he says "You can keep that one on..." and starts singing along and rocking out to it.  With me.  In our rented Ford Edge.  The two of us found common ground in what can only be called one of THE best songs of the mid-80's {granted, I was oh...5 when it came out and he was...well, quite a bit older than 5} but still.  We owned it.

So we bopped along for the roughly two minutes of greatness, totally in sync, totally jamming.

I didn't have to resort to talking about the weather until Buffalo, and for that Prince, I thank you.


Miranda said...

Gotta love a great song to fill an otherwise awkward moment!

Al said...

Hahahaaa! That was a great post, Jess. And I do love me some Prince. Purple Rain, in particular, but why choose just one?

Melissa Jo said...

I hate awkward car rides with co workers, I'm glad ya'll found some common ground though that's what its all about!