Tuesday, July 5, 2011



That's what time my child woke up this morning.


I should preface this by saying, I know I'm lucky.  Keagan has consistently slept through the night since around 8 months old.  He has consistently gone to bed between 7:30pm and 8pm and most days we have to wake him up to get ready for daycare.

I get it.  I'm lucky.  I'm lucky because a lot of parents don't get that.

Unfortunately, the fact that he DOES usually sleep through the night made 3:15am REALLLLLLY difficult to see.  It made it even more difficult when the reason he was losing his mind was that he wanted his sippy cup.  That was sitting right next to him.  But he couldn't see.  And he didn't remember it was there because he also didn't take a nap yesterday and fell asleep on Randy's chest while reading Otto Goes To Bed for the 80th time since Thursday.

So I'm tired.  And I'm cranky.  And I'm in dire need of an extra-large caffeinated drink like nobodies business.

But you know what?  I know when I go in to wake him up for daycare this morning he'll smile that ridiculously cute smile at me, giggle a giggle so similar to mine and climb up into my arms like a little koala bear...and all will be right with the world. 

Hopefully I can juggle my coffee with the 35 pound koala bear on my hip.


Sandy said...

No matter how tough the night is on us, they always seem to wake up bright and cheery in the morning don't they?!?! Here's to an extra cup of coffee!

Miranda said...

This waking up early thing has been a constant in my house since Joshua was born. It still isn't any easier to deal with. At all. So I feel your pain. And I share your need for coffee.