Thursday, February 24, 2011

Writer's Workshop - February 24th

Describe a time when someone was proud of you.

I've been struggling the past few weeks to think of anything I want to write about.  I've been struggling trying to find time to jot down the ideas that seem promising, which in turn means I've been without material for some time now.
I got into the office early today and decided that I may as well check-out my old standby of the Mama Kat's Writers Workshop because really?  Why not?
The prompt that I chose for this week seemed perfect.
I've been very lucky in my life to have family and friends that are, in a word, amazing.  I've been especially lucky to have my grandparents in my life.  Gram and Gramp have been my rock, through good times and bad, and I'd like to first thank them for that.
Throughout the years I hope that I've given my Gram and Gramp moments to be proud of me.
Like when I graduated High School...
And graduated College...
And when I got married...
And when I had Keagan.
But I know that the moments that really make them proud are when my old High School teachers see my Gram at the store and tell her how much they enjoyed having me in class.   Or when they see one of my coaches and they ask after me.  The little things that most people would think nothing of, the acknowledgement that their granddaughter was someone that is thought of as sweet, and caring and smart.
These are the moments that I hope make them proud of me.
I love you guys.

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Dawn said...

Yes, hearing a compliment about a child does make a person feel proud. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

mj said...

You're so right. People should take the time to do that more often, don't you think? Dropping in from Mama Kat's.

Diane said...

Compliments do mean so much. I'm constantly having to remind myself to dish out more of them.
Have a wonderful day! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

That is something anyone would want to hear. I hope that people will say that about JDaniel.