Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Two Tuesday - Favorite Jobs

This week's Top Two Tuesday took no brains whatsoever. I've had quite a few jobs over my short little life, but there are two that specifically stood out as my favorites.

Bartender/Cocktail Waitress

For a social butterfly like myself, I couldn't have asked for a better job. Meeting new people, {harmless} flirting at work and making bank? Um, yes please.

*side note: You would not BELIEVE the amount of trash that is out there when you Google Image "bartender." Unbelievable.

Picture by Portrait Innovations


Yes, it's probably the most difficult job. It's definitely the most time consuming and absolutely the most challenging.

But it's by far my favorite.

What have been some of your favorite jobs?


Caroline said...

Great favorite jobs. I always wondered what it was like to be a bartender/cocktail waitress. I'm too afraid I'd spill drinks everywhere.

black tag diaries said...

love the family photo! i always think coyote ugly when i think bartender... so fun:)

Kit said...

Great family photo! I think being a bartender would be such a fun job!

Melissa Jo said...

I could imagine that being a bartender would be soo much fun!

* I'm a new follower from TTT!

The Lucky Mama said...

I think a bartender would be fun.. I was a waitress though & not so good at it LOL

Anonymous said...

I loved being a stay at home mom! It was by far my most favorite and fulfilling job. When I did go to work in the outside world, I was lucky enough to find a position at an elementary school where I work as a Para-educator which I am still doing for now. I love the challenge and fulfillment I get from working with my students!