Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Certifiably Insane.

I’ve lost my ever loving mind.

In all the excitement of our upcoming vacation to Virginia, seeing my newest nephew, hanging out with the family, taking Keagan to the ocean and drinking copious amounts of wine I seem to have blocked out a very pertinent piece of information.

We’re driving.

In a car.

Ten hours.

With a toddler.

What the what? Are we CRAZY??

To be fair, we are doing it in 5 hour increments on the way down and treating ourselves to a hotel stay (Keagan’s first)…but the way back? Yeah. 10 hours. On a good day. And I HAVE to be back in Syracuse because Monday I start my new job.

I’ll say it again. I’ve lost my ever loving mind.

So here we go dear readers – I need a “must have/do” list to make this trip as easy as possible with a 19 month old and 31 year old that doesn’t like to stop often.

I’m begging.


Justine said...

before you leave, mark where all the rest stops are (or load them in your gps). stop and get out and stretch! take 5 or 10 minutes, play, walk around. we let bella crawl around on a blanket for a few minutes.

and bella got a bad diaper rash from sitting in a diaper sweating. so, i would suggest even if it's not dirty changing it.

take a long lunch. get out and go in (especially if it has a play place!).

these all helped us keep our sanity! she was so much calmer in the car, and was really great for most of our 10 hour trip.

good luck!

Rachel said...

We just did this a while back on a 12 hour trip. Advil. For you, not him. LOL.
Have a video player of some sort. We used my itouch with downloaded shows.
Take a HUGE bag of entertainment. Coloring books, puzzles, books, toys, anything he loves at home. We bought a few new surprises just for the trip. Keep all in the bag and take out 1 new thing every hour or so. This way there's always something exciting.
Get out for a while somewhere along the way and let him run and be free. Halfway is a great time for this.
Good luck and have fun!!

pinkflipflops said...

dvd player... new toys... coloring book? toddler music... special snacks.. books and earplugs

Gretchen said...

Ok, you'll have to give tips when you get back because we're "considering" taking our twins to Ohio

Stacy112699 said...

I don't know if this is possible for you but we leave at night. We usually leave around 7, so that Madelyn will sleep a while in the car. She usually sleeps an hour or two. We than take a break. Take her out of the car seat and let her be "free" for a bit. She usually falls back to sleep again.

I second the toys, we usually have a couple to bring out. The diaper rash thing I second as well, she always gets it bad on long trips in the car.

Oh another thing we do, which sucks for us but works for her, is one of us sits in the back with her. So we can play with her etc. I think she likes it because it's always dark back there and she can't see us being rear facing and all.