Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So This Morning Was Fun.

While pondering the latest chapter of my deep, intellectual reading (Harry Potter-The Goblet of Fire)(again)(for about the gazillionth time) I went to go pour myself a cup of coffee when...


::Power Goes Off::

::Randy, who is shaving his head yells an expletive::


Oh wait though. It gets better.

About 30 seconds later another ::Bang:: ::lights flash::

Wash, rinse, repeat two more times.

I'm showered. My hair is still wet. I have no way to blow dry. Or iron my clothes. Or make Keagan his normal instant oatmeal (yes, I learned today that you can actually make instant oatmeal on the stove...who knew?).


After getting off the phone with our daycare lady who lives around the corner and National Grid, who assured us that the power would be on "in two to ten hours" I got to business trying to find something to wear that didn't require ironing and attempted to do something, anything, with my newly short, short hair that didn't require a blow dryer.

Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

And then, in the midst of getting Keagan to eat his eggs and not feed the grapes to Skittles, an epiphany.

I had received a Gussy Sews order the day previously. And in it were two adorable little ruffled headbands. And one of them just HAPPENED to match the one dress in my closet that didn't need ironing. SCORE!

If you haven't heard of Gussy please, please, please go check out her adorable ruffles. Seriously, they are to die for. And apparently they are lifesavers too. Because me without a blowdryer? Yeah, it usually isn't so cute.


Krista said...


BTW. I'm also reading The Goblet of Fire again. I'm reading the whole series all the way through...again..in prep for the final movies. I'm a dork!

~Jess said...

::sits on dork couch next to Krista::

That's why I'm re-reading them too!

Miranda said...

TOTALLY cute with the headband! TOTALLY. And you did pick up the other books I told you about, right? Do I need to mail them to you so you can read them and mail them back!?