Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bucket List

There are 354 days until I turn 30.

I know 30 isn’t scary. In fact, I’m a firm believer in age being just a number. I’ve had wonderful role models in my life that exemplify this beautifully. And hello – have you seen Sharon Stone recently? She’s 52! Man, if I look like that at 52…wow, totally got off track there.


So yeah, I’m not nervous about the looming “big” birthday of 30. I’ve had a pretty fantastic 29 years and the past 5 years or so have blown it right out of the water. Getting married, buying our first house, having our son. All pretty fantastic events that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I am however always up for a challenge. I am also a HUGE procrastinator. Generally you would think that these two things do NOT in fact go hand in hand, but for me they do. See, I’m a list person. I love lists. I’ve also found that more often than not when I have a list I stick to it pretty well, come hell or high water. And that brings us to my Bucket List.

Below you will find 30 things that I want to have done, accomplished, tried, etc. prior to June 27, 2011. Some are pretty trivial. Some are pretty ridiculous. Still others are down right ::eye roll worthy::. But they are mine.

1) Visit Hershey Park (all that chocolate ::drool::)
2) Get on a *real* exercise plan and stick to it. And by real I mean one that will make me get out of my nice warm bed at 5am despite being totally and completely cuddled up to my favorite (big) bald man and pup.
3) Go blonde.
4) Ride a motorcycle.
5) Visit Boston.
6) Make Unit Manager.
7) Read a new author every month. As in, someone other than Jodi Piccoult and James Patterson.
8) Take a photography course.
9) Sing in public.
10) Make a soufflé
11) Host a fancy dinner party.
12) Host a brunch.
13) Surprise my husband. Just once.
14) Write my congressman.
15) Go to Conference.
16) Run a mile without stopping (seriously, I can’t do this right now.)
17) Volunteer as a mentor.
18) Spend a day at a spa.
19) Zumba.
20) Go salsa dancing.
21) Grow out my hair.
22) Watch The Godfather (no, I’ve never seen them…any of them).
23) Make a new friend.
24) Meet my “internet” friends.
25) Join a volleyball league.
26) Spend a day alone with my husband.
27) Watch a sunset with a glass of wine.
28) Watch a sunrise with a cup of coffee.
29) Visit the ocean.
30) Throw an amazing party.

You will notice that “Achieve World Peace” is not on this list.

I will update the list monthly and share pictures of said accomplishments along the way.

So tell me, what are some of YOUR bucket list items?


Jenn said...

I'm impressed - that's a great list. I totally want to see updates as you cross some of these off your list. I'm going to borrow some of yours, like taking a photography course and hosting a fancy dinner party. I love those ideas.

A few for my list:
1. Go rock climbing.
2. Ride a jetski.
3. Learn to play the harmonica.
4. Have a fabulous picnic with my family someplace exciting.

Hmm...I could go on...maybe I'll turn this into my own blog post later this week.

Anonymous said...


jCam said...

I hate to break it to you, but Hershey Park is a MAJOR letdown. Don't go out of your way to go there. Only go if you happen to be in the area.

Oh and I say we make 5 and 24 happen all at once.