Friday, June 25, 2010

Yo, St. Anthony - YOU ROCK

This past Tuesday after work I took off all of my jewelry, including my wedding set, and put it on top of my dresser (as per usual).

Wednesday morning it was gone.

Gone, gone.

Couldn't find it anywhere. And at this point I'm cursing myself because I had them soldered together so I didn't even have ONE of the rings. They were both gone.

Awesome. But I figure, it has to be here somewhere.

Wednesday night I start searching. Going through bags, emptying drawers, looking under beds.

Nothing. Still missing. And now I'm wondering if Keagan has taken it. And thrown it out. Or eaten it.

All night I toss and turn, wondering where this ring could be.

Thursday - wash, rinse, repeat. Still can't find it. My good friend Callie suggested that I say a prayer to St. Anthony.

Those that know me well know that I'm not really a praying type person. Despite being raised Catholic and going through all of the motions throughout high school, I'm fairly certain that a church would rather fall in on me upon entering than help me with finding a lost wedding set.

But I was desperate.

So I prayed. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't eloquent. But I prayed to St. Anthony asking him to PLEASE help me find my rings.

Now it's 8:30pm. I've exhausted all other possibilities and have decided I have to suck it up and look in the garbage.

The garbage that has been sitting in the sun for two days.

The garbage that had ::cringe:: maggots and dirty diapers in it.

Excuse me while I squeel like a little girl and throw up in my mouth a little bit.

But they weren’t there.

So this AM I was changing out my purse for the day and once again went through it just to make sure. Nothing.

I went and read for a bit, went to brush my teeth and I opened up the SAME purse that I’ve checked TEN times and there are my rings. Right on top.

Holy. Hell.

Happy doesn't even begin to describe how elated I was!! YAY. Thank you St. Anthony.

Now if only he had done that BEFORE I has up to my elbows in leftovers and coffee grinds.

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Francine said...

Being raised a lax catholic myself, St. Anthony has helped many times. It's doesn't need to be an eloquent prayer. I was always taught to begin the prayer with "Tony, Tony, look around, somethings lost and can't be found....." Works every time! Glad you found them :)