Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things That Matter

This past weekend Randy and I went to NYC to celebrate our fourth anniversary. It was SO much fun (more on that later).

It also marked the first time we had left Keagan overnight with anyone for more than a night.

::breathes into paper bag::

Was I nervous? Oh yeah. And not because I had any doubts in Gram or Randy's mom. I knew he would be in good hands. I mean heck, we turned out ok (for the most part) so why should I worry?

I'll admit it. I was worried that in those few short days while we were walking miles and miles around NYC, enjoying pizza in Little Italy and drinks with a REAL Irishman, our little man would forget us. Or get taller. Or have hair when we returned.

I was terrified that too much would change in those few short days, that we would miss too much.

Of course, we called several times throughout the weekend and were met with reassurances that he was being an angel, that he was perfect, that he had slept like a champ. (And of course he also took like two hour naps - which he NEVER does for us. Figures)

Still, I couldn't be sure, couldn't be completely happy until I saw for myself.

Sunday we (slowly) (and hungoverly - because that's a word) drove up to Richfield to pick up Keagan. In we walked to the house where Randy grew up and I could hear the babble coming from the kitchen. Instantly a great big smile was on my face. We were home. He was perfect (albeit slightly taller) and he was happy.

He didn't come running to see us, he was too interested in his toy. But he smiled his giant toothy grin and it made everything right. He hadn't forgotten us. He'd just had a nice little vacation of his own.

He's growing up. There isn't anything I can do about it (or want to).

Bittersweet? Yup. But that's ok. As long as he still smiles at me like that, nothing else matters.

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Miranda said...

Not gonna lie. I LOLed when you said that maybe he'd have hair when you got back.

Glad you had a good weekend in NYC. At this rate, we'll never leave J overnight.