Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Having An Affair

Haven't I mentioned it?

I haven’t?

Oh. Must have slipped my mind whilst hiding it from my husband.

Yes, I’m having an affair.

It’s hot. It’s torrid. It’s full of surprises and combinations that I never thought possible.

I get excited just thinking about it.

Now that I’ve sufficiently riled everyone up, I’ll let you in on my secret.

Custom Chocolate Bars by Chocomize

For serious. I’m having an affair with this company.

Choose your chocolate: Dark, Milk or White. Then? THEN?! Then you choose from more “extras” than I would have ever thought possible. Nuts, fruits, spices, decorations, candy…the choices are seemingly endless!

Do you want milk chocolate with coffee beans and graham crackers? Done.

How about dark chocolate with toffee bites and mini-pretzels? Double Done.

I made Randy one a few weeks ago that had dried cranberries and almonds in white chocolate. It was amazing.

What did I just buy? Milk chocolate with Sour Patch Kids. (I know somewhere Randy is cringing at the mere thought but I’m drooling.)

What’s not to like?

*I will note that I am in way shape or form being compensated for this over-obvious gushing. I just REALLY love me some chocolate. However, if anyone feels the need to get me a birthday present in the shape of a candy bar well…you know what I like.

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