Monday, March 29, 2010

Please Keep All Arms and Legs Inside the Vehicle, and Your Child on A Leash

Not too long ago there was a heated debate on a message board I frequent. No, it wasn’t about Health Care (well, there may have been but I stick to my rule of “No religion, no politics”…this rule is also followed at family gatherings for various reasons)(Right Dad?)(And Gram?)(And Aunt Gay?)

Anywho. No, this debate was about Child Leashes.

Yes, you read that right.

Child Leashes.

For those of you that aren’t familiar – this is what I’m talking about.

There was a fairly even divide as to whether or not you should ever subject your child to such torture, such humiliation, such…SAFETY.

I think the best line I heard out of it all was “Ok, you try taking your 2 year old to JFK, by yourself, and he refuses to get in his stroller and then get back to me.” And you know what? Point for her.

Seriously people. It’s not a torture device. It’s not a humiliation (Keagan’s only ONE – I still get changed in front of him. If anything is going to mess him up it will be that! Not the “leash” I made him wear when in big groups.)

I’m sure many of us will have to agree to disagree on this matter. But you know what? If it comes down to a screaming toddler bashing his head up against a stroller that he doesn’t want to be in and my sanity? I’m going with sanity. And the leash will come too.

Now if only they made them in "Big Kid" sizes for our trips to Home Depot.

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Barb said...

Completely agree. My niece almost got hit by a car (age 2 at the time) because she ripped her hand out of her mom's hand and took off for the road (they were on a sidewalk). Babies/kids are strong...and fast. I'm all for safety first.