Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love Letter: Month Eight

Dear Keagan,

Hey there bud. What's shakin'?

I wish I could tell you that there is so much that I have to write to you this month...but sadly, much like the lack of pictures I took I seem to have forgotten much that I wanted to say to you.

It's been a busy month, as usual in this house. We spent a weekend down in Albany visiting Emily and Mark - you were a little angel and I *think* you may have ignited baby fever down that ways as well! We also had a chance to go see Great Grandma and Grandpa (both sets!) and your grandparents. Good thing you're such a good traveler.

Halloween came and went without nearly as much hoopla as I know will be next year. And in true mommy fashion I didn't get a ton of pictures of you in your costume. You were a skeleton and Mommy and Daddy were x-ray techs. Lame, I know but it was that or The Incredibles, and lets face it, neither your father or I would look that great in red spandex.

Winter is right around the corner and in true Central NY fashion the temps have been ridiculously cold. Which means you, little man? Needed a winter coat. Now, you won't appreciate this reference now bear a striking resemblance to the little brother in A Christmas Story

One day we'll watch it (even though I loathe it) and you'll understand.

The really big news we have? YOU HAVE TEETH!! That's right, not just one but THREE TEETH. But in true stubborn fashion you have pretty much refused to show them to me when I get the camera out. So I sit in waiting. I'll get you. That's a promise.

You have gotten a lot more mobile this month and use the Army crawl as your main means of transportation. I have a feeling once you figure it out you're going to be off like a rocket. And Mommy is going to have to drink heavily.

All in all it was a good month. I'm so looking forward to your first Thanksgiving next month! YAY! Lots to look forward to, the best is yet to come.

Love you little man,

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