Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love Letter - Month Three

Dear Keagan,

What a month this has been little man. You are changing SO fast I can't stand it!

This month you have been pretty busy. Mommy started back to work again so you have been with Miss Mami. What can I say? You love her! Just this morning I dropped you off and you got this HUGE grin on your face when you saw her. While it made me a little sad, I at least know you are in good hands.

Miss Mami reports back all your comings and goings while in her care. You are starting to move around a lot more and your vocabulary is growing rapidly. Lots of cooing, gooing and ahhs coming from you. I think one of the best developments though has been your smile. It melts me every time.

You've also found your hands this month. Despite the fact that food doesn't come out of them (much like the pacifier that you refused as soon as you figured out it was worthless to you) you have them in your mouth. All. The. Time. More often than not I find you in your crib, hands in mouth, talking to yourself. We spend a few minutes chatting about your evening before starting the day.

Mommy's first Mother's Day was wonderful. Daddy gave Mommy a beautiful card (that is sitting on her desk) and a bracelet with your birthstone. I wear it every day. We visited Aunt Gay's as is love your crazy Aunt Ashley! (Sorry Ash, it had to be done!)

You are getting stronger and stronger every day. Lately your favorite thing to do is sit up. You still need a little support from us, but you think you are pretty hot stuff sitting by yourself!

All in all I would have to say it's been a good month. Daddy and I are pretty sure you are starting to teeth - now if you could figure out how to put the teething ring IN your mouth rather than hitting yourself with it we would be golden! Needless to say, I have a feeling next month is going to be chaotic! Despite this though, you are sleeping through the night most nights and the picture of a happy, healthy baby.

I hope you know how much we love you. Words can't express.


Nlvaden said...

I love his blue stripidy briches! Your hair also grows very fast. I remember one of your later pregnancy pictures and it was much shorter!

~Jess said...

LOL - Nlvaden - that's my cousin! My hair is still short :)