Monday, June 15, 2009

30 Day Shred - Week One, Day One

I've decided that I'll be posting weekly stats for my 30 Day Shred Adventure (catchy huh?) along with pictures (because I'm a glutton for punishment).

Goal - To lose remaining baby weight and then some and tone this body up (of course, carting around an 18lb. three month old has gotten my arms pretty smokin').

So ultimately - to look like Jillian Michaels....that's realistic, yes?

Pounds to Lose to be back to Pre-Pregnancy Weight - 5 (don't throw shit at me, it hurts).

Pounds to Lose to be at "Ideal Weight" - 10

Week One Mini Goal - Drink at least 64oz of water throughout the day.

Day One Pictures -

Review of Workout - Wow. As someone who has lived with the workout Nazi for several year and who thought I had been getting my butt kicked...I have to say, Randy? You ain't got nothing on Jillian Michaels.

The workout, while difficult, was fun (no, seriously) and challenging. I LOVED that each cycle she changed up the work outs so it wasn't a monotonous 25 minutes. It's also pretty cool that she has both a beginner (with abs of freakin' steel - seriously, do we need a super model to guide us through this adventure?) and an advanced work out buddy so you can follow the moves at your level of intensity.

Granted, I'm writing this before bed - adrenaline still high, muscle pain minimal. Tomorrow may be another story entirely. But so far - two thumbs up.


Mrs. S said...

Good luck! Oh, and I got real cocky and thought I was hot stuff on level 1 only to want to kill myself alllll over again on level 2. That isn't a smooth transition. Keep us posted my dear!

jCam said...

Ummm no way did you give birth 3 and a half months ago. Your stomach is ten times flatter than mine! I understand that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to lose weight, but you should know that you look great now too :-)

~Jess said...

::smothers JCam in kisses::

Anne said...

I agree, you look darn good for just having a baby! More power to ya girl, I am excited to see your updates.

Buckin said...

You know, if you weren't so darn funny and had the cutest thing in K, I would totally throw something at you right now *wink*

You know what...I'm going to do it anyway.

::throws doughnut at Jess::

Keep up the good work and can't wait to see the progress. As soon as my shoulder gets better I'm totally embarking on the 30day shred. Jillian is sitting on my dining table taunting me every day!