Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Letter - Month 2

Dear Keagan,

What a month. How is it possible you are two months old already?! I swear, time is flying by and I can't say I'm all that thrilled that in just one week you'll be in the care of daycare. While a lovely woman, it makes me sad to think that I will only be hearing about your progress and growing rather than witnessing it first hand.

Little man, you're getting BIG! I'm not sure how much you weigh, but you're already in 3 - 6 month clothing and rapidly approaching the 6 -9 month sizes. Daddy and I are going to have to either win the lotto or start sewing to keep up with your wardrobe changes.

You had a busy month that's for sure. We went on our first long car ride to Pennsylvania where you met your future girlfriend, Brynn Ma. She's only two weeks older than you (and yes, you outweigh her substantially!)so the age difference shouldn't be an issue.

We brought you to Philadelphia, where you assumed it was an eating tour. Liberty Bell, Independence Hall...yup, you needed to eat!

I will say though, you looked pretty bad ass in your sunglasses and hat.

You are really starting to notice stuff around you and your neck control is amazing for such a young baby. The bumbo seat is seem to like it alot (read: you don't scream your fool head off when I put you in it).

Skittles is even getting more and more affectionate with you. Granted, I'm sure she would rather you just go away quietly, but as that hasn't happened yet she is starting to come around.

You're still sleeping a lot during the day which is to be expected. Your sleeping through the night skills reared their head early but quickly you decided that wasn't for you. Your newest thing is to want to be held after your early morning feeding. I know we probably shouldn't, but Daddy and I have taken to bringing you into bed with us where you immediately fall back to sleep either on our chest or next to us. It isn't ideal, but it's working for now.

Of course, you've never had a problem sleeping just about anywhere!

Basically, we're still smitten with you. Shocking I know. You are really looking more and more like your Daddy everyday. I'm interested to see what if any looks you get from me...more than likely it's going to be my temprement you've inherited...which could be a good and bad thing!

Lots of big things are in store for you over the next few weeks. We're so excited to watch you grow. Love you kid.


Buckin said...

So cute. I'm loving the picture blog! As much as we love your writing, you know we are only in it to see the cuteness of him anyway ;)

~Jess said...

LOL. I feel bad not having the time to write as much...and when I do think of stuff to blog about it's gone by the time I get there!

Alyssa said...

Gosh I could just DIE he is so cute! You are such a great mommy! :)

Mrs. Pink said...

He's so cute girl!

Di said...

He is just adorable. I'm so glad we got to see all of you a few weeks ago. I think it's time to plan the next time we see each other!!