Monday, April 6, 2009

Please Submit Applications in a Timely Manner

Mr. Keagan Patrick, millionaire extraordinaire, is now accepting applications for Mrs. Keagan Patrick.

Must enjoy long walks at the lake, puppy kisses and warm bottles by lamplight.

Must also be tall (eventually), gorgeous and able to put up with an Irish/Polish temperament.

Please submit all applications in a timely manner. Mommy will notify all viable candidates in a timely fashion.


Nlvaden said...


Rachel D said...

That will be one lucky lady!! I'm sure they'll be lining up for him, you just wait and see. :)

Mrs. Scott said...

Darn.... I suppose I'm entirely too old? I mean, he's just so cute that by the time he's of age I'll be looking to trade DH in on a younger model! ;)

ihopper said...

If our Hoppy is a girl I'd love to submit an application sometime in June!