Monday, February 23, 2009

So There is No Confusion

No, I'm not in labor.

No, he hasn't come yet.

Yes, I am beyond ready and yes, I do know that I look like I could go any minute.

Yes, we will be letting everyone know when the c-section is scheduled after our appointment tomorrow at 3pm.

Unless he comes before that, it's safe to assume everything is status quo up in here.


Mrs. Scott said...

Good luck, Jess! You and the little man are definitely in my thoughts. Let him know that if he cooperates we'll throw a rave in his honor on the OUTSIDE. Glowsticks and all.

weelass said...

Jess!!!!!! Squeeeee!

So exciting!

Anonymous said...

So, just curious, has anyone asked you those questions recently? ;o)

~Jess said...

ya think Di?