Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Want Me to Put that WHERE?

I realized my biggest fear of becoming a parent today while interviewing our pediatrician.

Rectal Thermometers.

Scared. To. Death.


Al said...

No worries, they don't use those anymore unless your kid is running a super high fever and they want to confirm the temp.

Ugh, you had to bring it up. :::Shiver::: I swear I can remember what it felt like...TRAUMA.

~Jess said...

LOL, Al, our pedi actually prefers that we use rectal temps! AAAAHHHH!

Sandy02 said...

Its not bad at all! Dont worry! Only issue is if they are kicking while you're trying to get their temp. Or like Ethan and throwing up while you do it... :0|

Al said...

By the way, I totally had to insert acetaminophan rectally when Cayce was sick over the holidays. Awesome. Good news is that it dissolves almost immediately, and she was so miserable she didn't even notice. The next day, however, when she was feeling better, I tried to get it up there and she just raised her eyebrows at me like "um, excuse me. No, no, I don't think I'd like to- hey! whoa!" and she kept clenching her little fanny. She didn't get mad, she was just really puzzled, and every time I'd get near her she'd clench, squirm, release. Clench, squirm, release, and look at me like I was nuts. It was actually one of the most hilarious moments of parenting that I've yet encountered. Poor thing. :)

And Jess? You've got one sick pediatrician.