Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day. Just Not For Me.

As I shuffled out to start my car this morning, carefully maneuvering the newest inches of snow in one brown shoe and one black shoe (What? It was dark in the garage...and I just didn't care) I noticed it was eerily quiet.

There were no Middle School and High School students (you know, the unlucky ones whose awful parents won't let them drive to school yet) huddling on the corner waiting for the bus. No mothers with Elementary School students cleaning off their cars in preparation for delivery. Just the snow falling.

Damnit. Snow Day again.

Why oh why didn't I become a teacher? Or just keep failing Senior year over and over again so I could still get Snow Days?

Because you know what? This being a grown up thing...not all it's cracked up to be.

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Rachel D said...

OMG, you're in the 30's now!!! Only 39 days until your due date. Breathe in breathe out!
I'm with you though, we should go back to high school and all it's suckiness, grown up life isn't all that great in hindsight. Oh how we couldn't wait to be grown up and now how we'd love to hide under the covers and go back to snow days!